Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday night t.v wrap up

Monday night is usually a good night for TV starting with of course MTV's newest show 'The Buried Life".

I love this show because unlike some of the shit (The Hills) MTV had on Monday nights this show is actually good. It’s about a group of young men who travel across America marking of things or activities they want to accomplish before they die, not only that they also help stranger along the way. It’s worth checking out. What would you like to do before you die?

Now if you don't have your hip A, B, C shot yet, your sure going to need it when watching the latest version of VH 1's dating shows. Love Rehab I think it’s called (Monday nights on channel 13 @ 9 P.M), is an ocean of social disease disasters. Every girl has a nickname like "The Herpes Carrier" or something that represents their dating character. The girls are put in social situations with men that are I believe just as contaminated as they are , after every session the girls are shown what they did wrong in these "love situations" and then a "love couch " helps them along their path of love ......... mmmmmm yummy

Now if you’re not watching “invade my plane" a.k.a-The Bachelor, then The Big Bang Theory is a little slice of geek heaven. I love this show because it’s smart, funny and o so geeky.

Well that's my Monday night wrap up


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